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IMDB-scraper with german posters?

I am using the imdb-scraper and selected to use the german movie title and downloading the posters from themoviedb.

Everything works fine.
The mivies are identified correctly.
The Titles are in german.
And the Posters look nice.

But the posters are all englisch. Sad
ThemovieDB supports posters for different languages and I can select them if I manually choose the correct poster via xbmc from tmdb.

Is there an option to tell the scraper to get the poster according to the language I defined for the totle?

This would be really great.

If I am in the wrong forum, please let me know. Smile
I believe you should have posted here instead

But wait for a mod to move it rather than creating yet another thread.
Could someone please movie this thread to the right forum?

And I would appriciate any comment on this topic. Wink
Use the Universal Scraper, set everything to scrape from IMDb or you can choose from several other sites. You can also set the preferred language for posters from TMDb.

IMDB-scraper with german posters?00