optimize Neon Skin to get more free RAM?

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I'm using Crystalbuntu on my ATV (Sam's Version) .

With the Eden Skin i have around 155MB free RAM and with the Neon Skin i have around 110MB free.

The only problem i have is that HD Movies stutter with the Neon Skin which cause the less RAM i think.

Is ist somehow possible to get more free RAM with this Skin, like deactivating views, activating kiosk mode or something like this or wouldn't this help?

I love the NEON Skin but when i can not change this problem i have to switch back to the EDEN SkinSad

thanks in advance for any good idea


Crystalbuntu, based on Sam's Image
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It's likely due to all of the artwork. Try setting it to lower res images and see if that helps.
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