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optimize Neon Skin to get more free RAM?
I'm using Crystalbuntu on my ATV (Sam's Version) .

With the Eden Skin i have around 155MB free RAM and with the Neon Skin i have around 110MB free.

The only problem i have is that HD Movies stutter with the Neon Skin which cause the less RAM i think.

Is ist somehow possible to get more free RAM with this Skin, like deactivating views, activating kiosk mode or something like this or wouldn't this help?

I love the NEON Skin but when i can not change this problem i have to switch back to the EDEN SkinSad

thanks in advance for any good idea

Crystalbuntu, based on Sam's Image
It's likely due to all of the artwork. Try setting it to lower res images and see if that helps.

optimize Neon Skin to get more free RAM?00