Multiple Instances of XBMC play on multiple TVS
Will my android remotes still control all these with the xbmc remote app? and my logitech harmony remote?

I will look into other posts, but if i go with the atv2 are they hard to jailbreak? And after after i do it, its still gonna run the mac o/s and i just install the xbmc for mac? Also all the plugins work the same and can you surf the internet from the atv2.

Also were we you suggest to buy these atv2's or Acer Revo's can u get them from anywhere like newegg or whatever its called? Openelec, this is the software i assume? You saying to do what jailbreak the atv2 the keep a usb stick in it with openelec, or is this only for use with a pc?

Thanks guys.
This thread is hurting my head so much.
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@CASHMON3Y - any better solutions?

Keep in mind, the ATV2 won't give you a 1080p experience. Although it can play 1080p content, it's video output is limited to 720p. So that's nothing I personally would spend my money on.
I'm also about to build my own house/appartment and am thinking for the best way to have XBMC everywhere at low costs. I'll ofc go the client/server way having a central MySQL db and a PVR backend running there. For the clients I was thinking about low power nettops, or once available maybe even just a ~40 bucks RapsberryPi running OpenElec. But I'm still not sure what to do with blurays, so I'll brobably use a Win7 box in the livingroom, which also gives me the possibility to play games and browse the web, having a full OS in the background.
I like thanks again buddy. Smile
Cash, did you decide to go with the ATV2 or your original plan?

I want to do exactly what you originally proposed. I've tried the ATV2, but navigation through the XBMC menu is MUCH slower than when done on my dual-core 3.0GHz PC. So, due to that, I like the PC approach better.

I've considered the Raspberry Pi approach also, but I'm not confident the navigation there will be any better than the ATV2.
I can't seem to get two different portable installs of xbmc eden to run side by side, any advice?
(2012-04-29, 21:45)o.maille Wrote: I can't seem to get two different portable installs of xbmc eden to run side by side, any advice?

Stop trying and go with one device per XBMC install like we've been saying?
The great thing about xbmc is the ability to customise most facets of the program.

I appreciate that the program is not designed to be a full house media centre but there is no reason that I can see why it shouldn't be (for audio at least)
The complexity of try to play the same music in sync in multiple rooms over multiple pcs appears on the face of it as/more difficult.

The main issue that I have read about and experienced in relation to running xbmc in sand-boxed environments is related to video support rather than audio.

In terms of cost & performance;
I picked up a sound card with 4 stereo outputs for €30 and currently can play from one Xbmc to all rooms. (sound levels are listenable and fine for bedroom/bathrooms etc. but 8 channel inline amp to be purchased = approx €60)
Also working with multiple instances of vlc playing over outputs to separate rooms.
Using virtual audio cable ($25-50) I can switch the same songs to two or more rooms; currently over vnc :-(

I admit that using cling or vlc might be a more practical idea but I do love xmbcs' ability to manage my media and ability to link up with additional laptops etc.
To each his own.

IIRC, there actually used to be a multi-room audio add-on that could be used to sync up playback, but I don't think it's been updated in a long time.
The multi-room addin allows two sound output from one xmbc but I'm using virtual audio cable to allow transfer of sound when I want one xbmc in more than one room.

It's working smoothly;

Put XP on the server PC and running each instance under a different windows user. Working very well so far bar minor issues with the remote;

Given that I'm not streaming to TV for details see;

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Multiple Instances of XBMC play on multiple TVS0
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