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[AppleTV2] Custom FanArt/Posters Not Showing Up
Hey guys,

Let me preface my question with: The fanart and posters I have generated all show up and work correctly on my Mac laptop running the latest nightly of Eden. That being said...

My setup is this:

Mac laptop running the 2011-11-17 Eden nightly
AppleTV2 running the 2011-11-17 Eden nightly
Windows Home Server hosting library DB on MySQL
Fanart, posters and metadata generated by Media Companion

TV Shows
[INDENT]Show folder
[INDENT][INDENT]Season folder

All of the meta data, fanart, posters, etc show up and work great on my laptop.
On my AppleTV2 install however... I get the metadata, but no fanart or posters.

Any ideas why the custom fanart/posters work on my laptop, but not on my AppleTV2 install? Or suggestions on how to fix it.
Same problem here. Did you resolve the issue already?
Yea, sorry - I forgot about this thread. Unfortunately there wasn't much of a fix for me; at least not on the nightly I was on. What ended up happening, is that it started working after I had done a wipe of my XBMC data folder and upgraded to the latest beta of Eden that had just been released at the time. It has been working like a champ since.
thanks. how did you wipe your xbmc data folder?

sorry to bother you :-)

EDIT: never mind. google is my friend :-).
No worries. I probably didn't take the most savory approach… I just (after having made a copy) deleted the XBMC folder. I believe it is located at:


I opted towards not restoring the backup I made, and re-scanned my library - which was pretty fast considering all of my media info is already in place with the media. You can pick and choose what you want to restore, such as your theme, etc.

[AppleTV2] Custom FanArt/Posters Not Showing Up00