[MOD]w2w's Alaska Revisited v2.73
Here is my mod based on Hitcher's Alaska revisited



-fadelabel on dialogseekbar and video osd
-delete custom icons on home menu (no longer used)
-RSS feed option. You have now only 2 choices: media stats but no rss or rss but no media stats
-Home menus transparency changed.


-Added an option to enable artists logo on music visualisation (logo has to be in artist folder)


-Added an option to enable or not media stats on home screen
-Modded dialogseekbar.xml, videoosd.xml et dialogfulscreeninfo.xml: changes on plots, production infos, title, duration and tiome remaining
-New: Killzone 3 animated background (separate link)


-Added PS3 waves animated background on home screen
-Landscape, fanart and fanart wide viewtypes modded
-Added an option to enable covers or banners in landscape, fanart and fanart wide viewtypes


-Fixed some bugs


-Sub-menu info added on home screen
-Fixed: Home style selection
-Fixed: home men wWrong translation
-Unused option deleted
-Media stats on home screen modified


-Cover and tvshow logo animation on video osd modified (exit animation)
-Osd video and music modified
-Some titles modded
-Video playlist added under movies
-If no logo.png clearart.png is chosen on osd video


-Cover and tvshow logo animation on video osd added


-New vertical home default added
-Fade effect on new vertical home default added
-fade effect updated on home default
-Old horizontal and vertical menu deleted
-Video overlay moddedl
-Shadow color added on video and music overlay

On the new vertical home default, use right and left arrows to access to sub menus.



-Multipicture on default home screen added
-Fixed: weather location couldn't be seen in weather menu
-Artist name added to music osd
-Time remaining added to music osd
-music osd transparency modified


Based on Alaska revisited 3.0.10. (Many thanks Hitcher)

"S" Mod
-"quit xbmc" button added
-"Sources" button added, access to video sources
-"disconect" button deleted

Video OSD mod
-Time remaining added
-Current time added
-Finish time (HH:MM) added
-Movie title added and font changed
-Tvshow name, season number, episode number, episode title added
-Movie cover and tvshow logo.png added

video info window mod
-Video path added
-MPAA bug deleted

Home menu mod
-texture deleted (colordiffuse), backdrops have not texture
-backdrop delay modified: 12 seconds->5 seconds
-Horizontal menu at bottom and text shadow added
-Default home menu and options modded (see Alaska settings)
-Media stats added: number of movies/tvshow toal/unwatched, number of albums/artistes/songs)

Color mod
-Quantic and default colors, transparency and themes modded: these are the official colors

Viewtypes mod
-Plots justified
-Plots scroll modded
-Lovefilm viewtype plots resized


1. Please download links below
2. Unzip
3. Copy the folder "skin.w2w.alaska.revisited" into xbmc addon folder (do not install with xbmc)
4. select my mod
5. enjoy!

The new version : 2.73 (~40 Mo) :


RSS feed bug fix (Copy and paste in skin folder) :

Animated home backgrounds:

1. unzip to media>home in skin folder
2. rename, if necessary, to "Animated background" the folder you want to use. Or delete words after "background".

PS3 waves (~45Mo):


Killzone 3 (~15Mo):


Arkham City Trailer (~100Mo):


Windows Dreamscene (~66Mo):


Some screenshots:



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