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[Tool] Thumber
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I've found a very nice and simple program to create thumbnails.

Quote:Extrathumbs creating via a batch

For those who want to read the other thread:
Extrathumbs are small images (film clips), which are a couple of skins (Aeon, Carmichael, etc.) are supported.
Place the images \ movie folder \ Extrathumbs \ thumb1 .... X. ..

Luckily you will find a small tool (Linux, Windows, Mac OS) via a batch Extrathumbs to create at will:

Note: thumber-h is actually the most essential information ...
thumber.config can be opened with an editor to change settings such as Thumbgsize existing overwriting, etc. set.

Tip: I would not set the path to be scanned in the thumber.config that was neat for me problems!

ATTENTION: Thumber only works if there are films that are in one file, so FilmCD1 & FilmCD2 can create the While Thumber XBMC but it can not represent.



To be fair, original source:

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Using this script together with:
ffmpeg version FFmpeg version 0.6-4:0.6-2ubuntu6.2
mediainfo version MediaInfoLib - v0.7.43

I often get this kind of results:

( Headless ubuntu server )

Any ideas?

For those who have the same problem, I used this:

Together with this self-written ( good enough ) script to get my thumbnails:
#! /bin/bash

find ./ -name "*" -size +500000 2> /dev/null | while read FILE
    DIR=`dirname "${FILE}"`
    FILENAME=`basename "${FILE}"`

    if [[ ! $FILENAME =~ .*[cd,dvd,CD,DVD]\.?[2,3].* ]]; then
        sudo mtn -I -i -t -r 1 -c 9 -j 100 -o _delete.jpg -w 8640 -D 4 -O "${DIR}/extrathumbs" "${FILE}"
        sudo chmod 777 -R "$DIR/extrathumbs"
        rm "$DIR/extrathumbs/${FILENAME%\.*}_delete.jpg"
    echo "Ignored: $FILENAME"

I know it's nto configurable ( for those who can't script ) or perfect but it does the trick for now.


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