One key for Audio / Subtitle Switching

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Smile  One key for Audio / Subtitle Switching
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It would be great, if there was one hotkey to switch Audio tracks. Its always a pain in the ass to go through the menue to do that. Same thing with subtitles. There is already a hotkey to enable and disable them. Why not a key to select next subtitle? Would be soooo convenient Smile

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old post, I know,

....but recently I also have this need .... even in the XBMCbuntu no way to program two buttons on the remote-mce (the colored ones) for this purpose?

I am very surprised that this function, also very common in most loser dvd player, is not present in xbmc.
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L = Next Subtitle
T = Toggle subtitle on/off

For "Next Audio Track" I think you need to add it to the keyboard xml, I usually replace the default A = AudioDelay with AudioNextLanguage
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