Hi guys

I am new to this so please be gentle (everyone had to start somewhere)

I have just got myself a jailbroken atv2 with xbmc and icefilms installed but my daughter wants music app like her friends.
Could anyone advise me how to get this or point me towards a step by step guide i would be very gratefull.
many thanks
You need to install the t0mm0 repo (same way you would have installed the anarchintosh repo for icefilms) and you'll find it in there. If you need more detailed help let me know and I'll PM you.
Thanks for the quick reply but i need to know how to add a repo as the other one was done before i got it.
get the t0mm0 repo zip file (there's probably a link to it at the top of the thread) then install it like this:

I'd also recommend installing the repositories installer addon at the same time (by the same method). The zip file is linked to in this thread:

that'll make future installations of 3rd party repos much easier

You can find links to both the t0mm0 repo, and the un-official repo installer zip files in the first post of the thread:
Ive done it,thanks for all your help
Just one more question i have installed it but what does the repositories installer addon actually do?
the repositories installer adds an app in the programs section that makes jnstalling 3rd party repositories very simple. Rather than installing repos from a zip file (like you've just done) you simply select them from a list within the app, and xbmc will download and install it for you
still a bit confused by the repositries installer
Is there a step by step guide on how to use it anywhere?
To install repositories which hold addons that are not available in the official XBMC addon repository, use the unofficial addon installer as follows
1. enter programs menu
2. select "repositories installer"
3. select the repository you wish to install from the list (e.g. t0mm0's repository)
4. select "yes" in the dialogue box that pops up asking if you're sure you want to install
5. a dialogue box will pop up after installation telling you that you need to restart XBMC for the repository installation to fully complete, so restart XBMC
6. The repository, and addons it contains, are now available in the Addons section. Navigate to this section to install new addons from the repositories you have installed:
Settings -> Addons -> Get new addon
At this point you can choose to browse the addons from a specific repository, or view all at once; select one of these options.
7. Choose and install the addon that you want from the list (e.g.
Nico one,I will give it a try tonight
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