Annoying Menu Popup

I just stumbled across this skin and spent the last 5 hours switching over from Quartz to Back Row. Absolutely fantastic job guys, this is by far the best skin for XBMC.

When I go to any of my sections, like Movies or Music, it pops up the view menu anytime I mouse over the center of the screen (and sometimes in random other places). The menu I speak of is the one that lets you choose View Mode, Library Mode, etc.

Most skins have an icon that makes this pop out, so I am a bit confused why it happens for me when I mouse over the center (generally right where I am trying to click). Is there any fix for this?
Hi CrimsonGT

Yep it's all down to the skin not really being designed with mouse usage in mind (it was originally made for an xbox before there was even a PC port available) so was all about the remote cotrol - where that menu only pops up when you select it.

Having said that - it probably would make sense to evolve that menu a bit - so leave it with me.
Thank you very much Sharpe, I appreciate it. Aside from that little bug, the menu is absolutely fantastic, and looks gorgeous. I have been planning on picking up an MCE remote soon, but I bought a Wireless Keyboard/Mouse to use for now, so having that fixed would be awesome.
Well you know in the meantime you could always just disable the mouse in the XBMC system settings - that's what I've done and just use the keyboard.
I've added a fix for this mouse issue - it's available in the SVN and at the download link.
Thank you so much! Was this only added to the Eden version? I am on Dharma and didn't see it in the Change Log so wanted to check.
Yeah I'm afraid so - I've not been updating Dharma for some time - not had enough time to do both.
Alright not a problem, I will look into possibly upgrading to Eden then in the near future. Thanks!
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