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What is the reason for this...
Not a big deal but: What is the reason for having to click "add" after selecting a directory when adding it to the library? Is there ANY OTHER REASON I would be browsing to a directory in the "Add Videos to Library" section other than to... hmmm... lets see... ADD IT!?!?

Is there a reason for this? There must be...
It doesn't... You select "add source", select browse, navigate to the directory you want to add, and then press "Okay". At this point you name the video source and press Okay again.

There is another "add" button, but that's only if you want to have more than one folder or network share show up as the same source/folder/whatever. For example, I can add two "Movie" folders from two different hard drives (because they fill up) and in XBMC I only have to select one "Movie" folder/source.

What is the reason for this...00