Auto rotate videos
I am new to looking at the xbmc code, but I submitted this patch to handle rotated iphone videos. It works fine for me, but I am not sure if it is all in the best spots.

It would be nice to add a button to do this on the fly as well. To handle the cases were it can't be detected, or the camera is rotated while the movie is being recorded.

I would also like it to work with the hardware decoders too. The VDPAU docs sure don't seem to show they can do the flips in HW on the decode path.
There are bits to set on output surface render, but that doesn't seem to be used in the xbmc code.
With the current vdp decodes it looks like it would be possible to do the flips around the color conversion spots. But I don't know the APIs well enough to do it.
Thanks! (from an end-user perspective!)
No problem. Glad to hear it works. What resolution are you videos?
Mine are 640x480 and I don't even notice a much extra load to do the flips even on my Atom/Ion machine.
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