XBMC for ROKU 2 XS, after Apple TV 2
After XBMC for Apple TV 2 has been created, will some day exist a version for ROKU 2 XS, or similar Settop box?

Before Apple TV 2, they sad that the problem of most Settop box, was the ARM CPU, then Apple creates Apple TV 2 with A4 CPU (ARM Cortex-A8), and than (BANG) there is an version for Apple TV 2 and IOS.
So what is the problem now that we could not install XBMC on ROKU and others.
XBMC for iOS/Apple TV 2 came first because of various reasons that are too detailed to go into (and most are above my head anyways). The work being done for the Apple TV 2 version will enable more ARM devices in the future. We're not stopping at just one ARM device. ARM + video hardware decoding is going to get even bigger in the HTPC/media center world. It just takes a lot of hard work and time to get more devices up and running with XBMC.
I know from all the posts I've been reading on the forums when people ask is that XBMC requires OpenGL. AppleTV can do OpenGLES (which is kind of a lite version in very simple terms), and a lot of work is being done to convert GL code to GLES code (lots of API differences). Long story short, if the Roku doesn't support GL of some form, then an XBMC port is not very likely in the future.
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XBMC for ROKU 2 XS, after Apple TV 200