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Organizing Music Video Collection
Hi, I have been trying to get my music video collection in order and haven't had much luck. At first I let the scrapers try to do it but at least half of what they got was wildly off so i then tried semi-manually identifying them (making sure the naming of each file was uniform then using YANG to generate NFO files) then added them to XBMC but when XBMC added them the scraper would put some totally different names than the nfo files had in them, further more i can only view each video via title, for example i go to artists and they are there but under each artist is nothing whereas under titles they are all there (albeit improperly named). Is there a guide or something like out there to setting up music videos for XBMC?

Is your collection video clips or more like concert videos?
MaxHeadroom Wrote:Is your collection video clips or more like concert videos?

95% video clips but I made nfo files for them. I guess what i didn't expect was for xbmc to go and "over ride" the titles that I had already added to the nfo files manually, or label videos with totally off dates (2007 for wang chung? when in the nfo files i have it as 1986?)(that and it being strange that i can only view videos via titles in the lib, artists show up but "under" the artists is blank).


I don't use video clips but do have a few full length concerts. I was having the same issue as you but then installed the concertdb scraper and that works really well.
Sounds like your nfo files aren't getting processed. Are you sure the format is correct?

I scan my music videos and concerts in as movies instead of music videos, but I manually create the nfo files in a text editor, and just include the basic info like title, year and set (for artist name).
Apologies for hijacking this thread but I have the exact same query. I'm relatively new to XBMC but have managed to configure movies, music and tv shows with few problems but I just can't seem to get music videos to work the way I would like.

I'm running Aeon MQ2 (perhaps I should take this over to the skin specific thread?) and would like to have all of my music vids and concert footage showing seperately from movies and under the 'shows' menu in the homescreen.

I know it's possible cause I've seen it on you tube (albeit with the transparency skin) but I don't seem to be able to get my videos to show in library mode - only in file view.

Any pointers would be really helpful. Thanks.

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