Anyone Using the "New" Xbox 360 Remote with the Revo 3700?
Hi All

Looking at using this with my Revo 3700 running Windows 7/XBMC


Afaik this uses RC6 protocol so it should work

Just wanted to know if anyone has managed to get this working with XBMC using Windows 7?

Also which IR Dongle would they recommend?

That looks nice. If it's RC6 any RC6/eHome receiver should work. The HP one is popular mainly because it's widely available on ebay.

I've used the 360 universal remote ( and though it's an RC6 remote some minor registry hacking is required to make it work.

These days I've switched to a Harmony. The low end models are available for little more (cheaper if you find a special offer) than the cost of a dedicated remote.

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Anyone Using the "New" Xbox 360 Remote with the Revo 3700?00