Unexpected behaviour when entering an invalid channel number while watching Live TV

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Hello there,

I'm using the XBMC-PVR build from PulseEight with TVHeadend as backend for Live TV on a single machine running Ubuntu 11.04

I just discovered a behaviour that, in my opinion, should be changed: When I use the numpad on my remote to directly jump to a specific channel and enter an invalid channel number (let's say I pressed the 9-key too long and so I enter 99 which does not exist instead of 9), while watching Live TV, XBMC-PVR stops playing Live TV and returns to the place I started Live TV from. In my opionion it would be more convenient, to instead keep the current channel tuned and display a message stating that the just entered channel is invalid.

I already searched the forums and trac for this issue but it does not seem to exist yet.

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