[WINDOWS] bluray support selects wrong playlist
(2011-12-01, 14:29)WhiningKhan Wrote: Would it make sense to (at some point add code to) pop up a dialog that asks which of the playlists found from BDMV should be played? That would bring quite a lot of improvement in usability, IMO.
Definitly this. Because even if XBMC could pick the right playlist, it would be useless. It would be great to see a list and be able to play all the video that is available on the BD. This will be like BD Lite support that other media streamers do. This would be perfect and if we had this, we wouldn't need to install an external player for blurays.

i keep when possible all bd in iso, all the 50gb , what I'm doing right now with this type of commentary movies ( i have at least 5 of them ) is using bdinfo + tsmuxerR + mkvmerge to mkv keeping the original with 100% full quality, but that is my only option.

i don't see myself using a external player, too many issues, at the moment xbmc its the most perfect "out of the box"

since the full menus is java licensed, the way is when we add the movie to xbmc, if is the wrong file, adding a option to change the m2ts file to play, and make it default.

blu ray player support full menus windows or mac http://www.macblurayplayer.com/ and with the file structure correct, i can play the correct movie, but blu ray player lacks dts-hd.
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bluray enhancements for XBMC are in the works.
Tried blu-ray support in the recent nightly build. IMO in the list of titles there should be some info on title duration, because now it's hard to pick a title from the list of almost identical items only with different numbers. Or maybe the list should be sorted according to the lengths of titles with the longest on top. I mean something similar to "BluRay Handler" plug-in for Mediaportal: http://forum.team-mediaportal.com/thread...beta.81068

Has there been any developments here?
Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Pt. 2 is another example of the improper playlist getting played. It plays the directors cut playlist.

I thought from this thread that functionality had been implemented in the source for a dialog box to select the playlist on movie select, but I don't see it.
Currently for 5 different movies I have to minimize XBMC and launch another player Sad
Not good for my two remote sites that use harmony remotes.
i have the same problem with Déjà vu UK Blu-ray
what about listing the playlist when playing a blu-ray iso or folder?
and a option to put the correct playlist in a xml file together with blu-ray iso or folder?
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[WINDOWS] bluray support selects wrong playlist0
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