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[MOD] Rapier Mikoto Mod
Right here will be the release page for the new version of my Rapier Mikoto Mod. I've started working on it, nothing yet ready for release. Currently building upon the skin options, then going to be reworking the menu to be similar to my old build. Adding in more customization options.

What I'm looking for right now is suggestions. I am starting from scratch using rapier 4 as a base. Feel free to drop any ideas, whether features you've seen done in other places or any annoyances to be changed (I've just gotten rapier 4, but the lack of the power button at the top is on my own personal list of things to change.)
cdart, artist logo, tvlogo and banner.jpg support
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bandelguy Wrote:cdart, artist logo, tvlogo and banner.jpg support

I guess Scarfa will give support for these, but this is good news to see the vision of mikoto Rapier. Nod
I just can't do Rapier 4.0 as a base. It is nothing like the rapier that I know and love. Will be working on improving my current mod and bringing it into eden

[MOD] Rapier Mikoto Mod00