"no route to host"
Hi All..

Just switched to XBMC for the sole reason that it has the nicest android remote. Very happy with the change.

The only frustration is the "no route to host" error when wifi is disconnected for whatever reason. I have my tablet to disable wifi when it sleeps. I do that because it dramatically extends the battery life. So when I turn it back on, xbmc remote shows a "no route to host" because obviously it couldn't connect to the host when the wifi was off. Fair enough.

The frustration is that the only way to reconnect is to force close the app, and reopen it again... I can't find any way to reconnect without force closing.

Any ideas?

The tablet is an ASUS transformer.
Probably a network problem. See FAQ question 17.
Running XBMC on my HTPC, tablet, phone and pinball machine.
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Thanks for the reply..

After 2 hours of trying to work out what the problem was I rebooted the router - problem solved.
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