XBMC Library Mode and Playing Titles
Hi, all. Newbie to XBMC here.

I've tried searching the web (and even looked at the XBMC wiki) on how to turn on Library Mode in my XBMC. At least that's what I *think* I want to do. According to the wiki, this is what I need to do to turn it on:

Turn on the Library

Assuming you are using the default skin, Confluence, from the videos screen, to turn on the Library, click left once to pull up the Side Menu. Then scroll down and click "Library Mode".

All done! You now have a beautiful Library full of all your great movies, complete with titles, fanart and tons of metadata information.

Now that you have followed the guide above you should be able to figure out how to put your TV Shows and Music into the Library. To do so, simply follow this guide again (but, of course, select choices appropriate to your goal. For example, select "Music" if you want to add music).

That's all well and good, but if I can't seem to find a "side menu" other than clicking on the little icon that opens one on the right (and it's empty).

Here's what I'm trying to do...

I have about 150 movies in a shared folder, and I had gathered all information for them via YAMMM. The DVD covers show up, but when I click on one it goes to a screen that shows the cover and a file directory. It doesn't show any information about the movie, year, etc.

What I want to do is have a system where, when I click on a movie, it goes to an info screen that shows all of the movie information along with some type of "play" button you can click on/select to run the movie. From what I've found I assume this is all included in "library mode".

Anyway, any help would be appreciated!

BTW--using default confluence skin at the moment.
Okay... I have no idea why it took me so long, but I found the menu on the left. I had to be in the movie dorectory for it to work.

Anyway, I have switched between movie reel and poster view, both of which start the movie automatically when I click on them. However, no movie information is shown whether I mouse over a title or click on it. How do I make the movie information visible?

Also--when the menu to the left opens, the "Library Mode" button is grayed out, and I cannot select/sctivate it with any of the display modes.
In my experience with the library button being grayed out it means you haven't scraped your movies with the scraper in XBMC. http://wiki.xbmc.org/?title=Set_Content_(Video_Library)

As far as getting the different info to show up when you click on a movie or mouse over it you may have to try a different skin. The only way to click on it and get the info is by right clicking and selecting movie info. The default skin will not do what you are asking for. There should also be a few other views in the default skin that may do something close to what you want. Take a look at Fanart, or the two media info views.
When you click Videos > Movies, and see all of your movie titles listed, it is now necessary to set the content type and then update your library.

To set (or change) the content, click Videos > Files. Click the chosen directory (movies, for example). Next, highlight a movie title (not the .. up directory icon). If you press "C" on your keyboard, the context menu appears. Here you can select "Change Content" and make sure you are using the correct scraper (TMDB, TVDB, etc).

To update your library, click Videos > Files and browse into the movie directory. Press "C" on the keyboard to bring up the context menu and select Update Library. Depending on the number of files, this will take awhile.

Once this step is done, the real fun begins ... verification! Press ESC to go back to the main screen. Click Videos > Movies, and you now have a complete "Library" of your movies. Press the LEFT arrow key to bring up a side window that allows you to change the way you view your movies from the default "List" view. If you highlight a movie, press "C" on your keyboard and select "Movie Information". If you find a movie that contains inaccurate information, click the Refresh button to re-scrape the file. You can also change the thumbnail and fanart. Obviously, this can take a LONG time, depending on your level of OCD!

Of course, the reward of having a beautifully organized media library is priceless! Hope this information is helpful, and if there is anything incomplete or plain wrong, there are plenty of capable people to help get you pointed in the right direction again.
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