PseudoTV Network Manager
Gents, I present you "PseudoTV Network Manager" Big Grin


What this does, is reads your Series folder(s) and enables you to change the <studio> tags VERY easily.
So if you only have 1 or two shows on the TNT Network, and want to send them to your FOX Channel, this is the easiest way to do it.

It's really great to get your channel setup SORTED out quickly and easily.

A) Add a Series folder
B) Create a new channel
C) what network was this series originally
D) what logo is present on the series
E) send to new network dropdown
F) available channels/networks
G) shows on that network
H) shows total
I) channel total
J) status bar (it will tell you if its loading/etc)
K) Cover
L) Show Location

So how does it work?
1) Click (A) to add a series directory. add all your series root paths. (do not add the same path twice)
2) select a channel (F)
3) select a series (G)
4) if you want to change a show's network, click on the blue arrow drop down (E), and send it to another channel
5) you can create new channels by clicking on (B), and sending other shows to it.

Note 1:
When you first load a series directory, there might be some errors if the show does NOT have a <studio> which case you should go to that file and add one yourself.
(just add <studio>Syndicated</studio> somewhere in it's tvshow.nfo file)

After you have fixed all the broken tvshow.nfo files, exit the program, re-open, and load all the paths again.
(if you don't fix them, they will be skipped, and not added to the manager)

Note 2:
A file called "network.nfo" will be created next to the tvshow.nfo file, which will contain the Network/Studio name - this is so that if you move shows, you can always see the "original studio" it was at first. You can view this in in the "original network" box ©

Note 3:
This part is optional, as it requires some work!
The "Logo mostly present" Box (D) is used to help you decide which network to move a show to.
For example, you might have a show that contains the "GlobalHD" network logo, but the show was in fact aired on ABC.

the thing is, the manager can't know which logo's are present in your shows...
You will need to scan through a few videos, and create a file called "logo.nfo" in the root of that show, with the name of the channel logo present inside the file.
(It's easier to copy the "network.nfo" file created and rename it to logo.nfo though, as most shows contain the same logo as on which it was aired on)

but yeah, this can take a long time if you have many series, so it's just optional.

It might sound complicated, but it really isn't
Just press (A), load you series directories, and move them using the (E) Dropdown box. :o

You can download it from here:
this looks awesome!

I get 2 errors while starting it
[Image: 24648787.jpg]

The program opens but when i select my root tv show dir it doesnt load anything

running win7 ultimate
I get runtime error 217 at 02A20331, but it still loads.

Win7 Pro via virtualbox on Arch.
Nothing to see here....
is it possible for you guys to try compatibility mode? (Set it to Windows XP)

Also, make sure you have the Microsoft .NET packs installed.
Running win7 64bit here. Doesn't run properly executed normally but works perfectly in XP SP2 compatibility mode.

How about a way to add the studio tags to the tvshow.nfo's that are currently missing them?
meh, those don't happen often, and it's really easy to fix those anyway..
Looks great !

The file was removed.. Any chance for a new link ?
Is this still available? Link says file removed.
New Version 1.10 available here:
I think I may have found a glitch. I updated the Networks on all my TV shows and the program deleted all of the info in the .nfo file.
Hey I am trying to use the PSeudoTV Network Manager but it keeps coming up with the following error. I am running windows 7 64bit with the correctly visual c++ library installed.

I ran it as administrator as well. Can anyone help me here?
New mirror?
The download link is not functioning anymore. Says that the file was deleted.
Yes, I also can't access the download link for PseudoTV Network Manager.
Has it been moved or removed?
Can anyone upload this again?
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