Dammit.....AllMusic.com (AMG) seems to have stopped scrapers..

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(2012-07-19 23:17)Martijn Wrote:  
(2012-07-19 23:15)havok1977 Wrote:  
(2012-06-12 13:55)Martijn Wrote:  Use the Universal scraper

Is there a way to disable/get rid of these scrapers altogether? I'm sick of warning messages about them after boot that offer to disable them only to reappear every time I turn on my HTPC.
Once you disabled them they should not re-appear asking again.
You can remove them from the userdata (wiki) folder

Thanks for your reply

Disabling right after startup via the pop up dialog wasn't working for me; allmusic, yahoo music videos and some other movies scraper warnings kept popping up every single time for a few weeks so I used to skip them but was somewhat annoying.

After reading some of this thread I ended up removing them altogether from the /usr/share/xbmc/addons/ folder to be done with it, I don't care for them anyway.
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