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ATV2 and Time Capsule
lsavery Wrote:Ok, there is a known issue with TC/AE firmware 7.6 which will flip-flop AFP and SMB shares, this can cause the buffering seen in XBMC (both across wired and wireless connections).

This affects old and new TimeCapsules and Airport Extremes. Once you update to the new firmware (or buy a new unit with the 7.6 firmware) you will find that there is a connect-disconnect-reconnect process going on behind the scenes which causes a delay on the stream and thus the buffering.

The simple way around this is to downgrade the firmware to 7.5.2.

I went from 7.5.2 to 7.6 and had nothing but buffering problems, when I went back to 7.5.2 they went away. You can see the connection log on the Airport/TimeCapsule and it bounces up and down throughout - it seems to be a connection timeout which has been added for iCloud compatibility.

7.6.1 Firmware has just been released, but I am avoiding that at the moment until I get a clear couple of days to test.

Hope this helps.

I've used 7.5.2 and 7.6. throughout and haven't had any problems like that (even over wifi)...
Set Up
Raspberry Pi running Raspbmc - XBMC 12.2
40" Samsung ES6800 LED Smart 3D 1080P TV
Onkyo HTS3405 5.1 DD True HD and DTS-HD Surround Sound
ReadyNAS Duo with 4TB (2 x 2TB X-RAID) Western Digital Caviar Green using NFS
I'm running 7.6.1 on an Apple Airport Extreme Basestation

I used to run iOS 4.1.1 on an ATV2 with 10.X XBMC and AFP streaming from a connected WD 2TB USB drive (The one with 2 striped 1TB drives inside).

I updated to 7.6 and perhaps 7.6.1 before I updated to XBMC 11.

The AFP sharing worked absolutely perfectly. No buffering. The only issue which was not really an issue, was if I paused a stream, and left it for a good amount of time, the HD would spin down, and when I went to resume the stream, you'd have to resume it twice... once to spin up the HD, and once again to start the stream after the timeout.


I then upgraded to iOS 5.1.1, XBMC 11.0.3 (Take 3), as I needed access to the newer ATV features Smile, and XBMC needed an update too.

Now, when I play large 720p MKV shows, I get 3-4 buffering episodes per hour... yes they don't happen that often, the other difference is seeking around and seek back/forth is significantly slower than it used to be.

So, its either 5.x OS, or its an XBMC change.

I know in my old XBMC on an original XBox you used to be able to vary the buffer settings for SMB... perahps its something to do with a setting like that?

ATV2 and Time Capsule51