In movie menu?
I am not exactly sure what its called but when I pause a video on my ATV2 its simply the progress bar and timestamps. No other video related options. However, these do show up on my windows XBMC.

I really like this skin for ATV2. Makes it real easy for my parents to use(just had to up the font size lol).
When you pause (SPACE) you simply get the progress bar, you need to press ENTER/MENU (or whatever the equivalent is on your remote) to bring up the OSD controls.
Ah that makes sense, thanks, sorry for the basic question.

I can't seem to figure out what the button would be called.

I have tried just about every button/holding combination I can think of.

Here is my joystick XML
When in FullscreenVideo you want the OSD button which is id="7" so I guess you need to 'hold center'.
Sigh, I'm sorry to have wasted your time. That worked perfectly. No idea why I thought I had tried that one.

Thank you for the patience.
No problem, glad it's sorted.
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