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DaNiStO Offline
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Hello everyone,

I have XBMC on my computer and my scraper its
I attinsion for if the xbmc scrapping some series, and my defult language on Hebrew. if on thetvdb thay didn't have overview on my language, the information download on english and its ok.

but if somebody put the information on some series on thetvdb, the XBMC didn't update automaticlly. only if i click on the serias > right click > tv show informaion > refresh.

somebody knows about plugin that XBMC update automaticlly if it see change on thetvdb suppose somebody add this informaion after the series on my XBMC,

or meybe someone can devlopping this plugin?
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drago Offline
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At the website you can see the different posters for the seasons but with the scraper in xbmc you can just change the poster for the series not the different seasons. Can this be made?
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