rtmpdump patch -Weeb TV
(2012-03-14, 12:06)Macielle Wrote:
(2012-03-14, 03:18)arcik Wrote: in file weebtv.py you need edit line 22

playerUrl = mainUrl + '/setplayer'


playerUrl = mainUrl + '/api/setPlayer'

this helps fix the all channels except the tvp channels on weebtv.
Still can't get any luck playing the TVP channels even after adding the sd repo. Any Help?

In my folder there TVP channels are even not shown (I get the AXN to teletoon, but no TVP channels, VIVA, HBO, etc).
I am specially interested in the TVP channels.
The AXN, TVN, etc, channels, work some minutes and then I have to play again. Sometimes they work again, sometimes they don't.
I would appreciate some help in order to watch the TVP channels also.
Thank you in advance
(2011-12-16, 02:03)newatv2user Wrote: Try this


will this work for MAC OS X LION ?

and is this whats needed to get Justin Tv to work ?
(2011-12-28, 21:35)newatv2user Wrote: The last one I posted in post #10 already has the patch for Weeb.tv. I cannot verify it though coz I don't use weebtv. Maybe Strzelec4 can share his experience.

Anyways, did you guys followed these steps while replacing librtmp?

1. Replace librtmp located at "/Applications/XBMC.frappliance/Frameworks/".
2. If the owner is not already mobile, fix it. (chown mobile filename).

Can you show me in WinSCP, How to change from "root" to "mobile". WHat about chown mobile file nameHuh. Thanks
Does anybody know if the version of RTMPdump in the stock XBMC Eden libRTMP file is older or newer than the version in post #10 of this thread (uploaded in mid-December)? And does anybody have a libRTMP file with the most recent version of RTMPdump?

The reason I ask is that I'm having trouble with watching programs on 4oD. I don't really know what's going on, but because of the way playback works for a minute and then fails with this message in the log:
"ERROR: WriteN, RTMP send error 32 (46 bytes)"
I'm wondering if libRTMP may be the problem. Full details in THIS POST in the 4oD plugin thread
Have any of you guys found TVP running slowly/being jumpy recently? TVN player still works great.
(2012-07-04, 13:14)triplesilk Wrote: Have any of you guys found TVP running slowly/being jumpy recently? TVN player still works great.
TVP info doesn't play properly anymore, no fix in the future. they change stream or something. check this out



Thanks for the link, there is some good stuff there - inc tonnes of kids programmes.
I can't believe it took me this long to find this!
anyone knows how the plugin is? I haven't used it for a while and only a hand full of channels work.
Seems to work fine - at least I'm assuming that as my wife has not moaned and she has been using it recently.
Running on Frodo Alpha 2 and it works like a charm thank you! Smile

I noticed WeebTV have a plugin on their site now - I assume it is just the same as this one but without the extra bits?
the one on weebtv site play nothing without premium account.
use +/- ⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓
shawonmq, streamon 1.0.7 is currently blacklsted on my main HTPC ? how can I Unblacklist it or get past , I see the desirulez TV section on my other machine which is running the 1.0.7 but again I dont think thats functional yet or is it ?
(2012-10-13, 05:28)ykhehra1 Wrote: the one on weebtv site play nothing without premium account.

true i am trying an premium account and it works perfect!
My polish girlfriend is LOVING it Smile

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