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[Ipad and future portable devices] On-line an dOff-Line mode.

I find XBMC running on a Ipad2 absolutely AWSOME... only when I'm in my home.
"Problems" start when I'm traveling with no access to my SQL DB and my NAS.

Therefore I would like to suggest the following solution: Having 2 distinctive mode: "On-Line" and "Off-Line".

On-Line Mode:
Would be the mode by default working exactly like it is today with one extra features:
When browsing the library, having the possibility to download a movie from the library locally on the Ipad (currently if i want to upload something locally on the Ipad, I have to do it manually from an external application).

Off-Line mode
Off-line mode would be activated at the startup of XBMC if after a certain timeout, there is no connection with the NAS and the SQL DB.
Off-line mode will then provide access in file mode (library mode would be more complex to manage) to the locally stored movies.

Do you see the story there ?
At home you browse your movies as usual.
When planning a trip, you browse the movies and select the ones that you want to upload locally.
In the plane or in the hotel, you enjoy your locally stored movies.

This would be really great for any mobile devices... but I have no idea how difficult it would b eto implement.

Thanks for reading,


[Ipad and future portable devices] On-line an dOff-Line mode.00