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Alaska Revisted Crashes when entering Movies
Hi there,
love alaska because of its clean shape and its speed. Unfortunatly i cannot access my movie collection (about 300) anymore. in the moment i enter xbmc is closing.
If i choose they way through videos - movies it works.

any idea how i can fix this? would like to reinstall the skin but i am afraid of losing all my settings I've made.
What happens with other skins?
Just tested - Alaska 1.1.9 and Confluence. Both work fine.
What happens if i connect with ssh to xbmc save the guisettings.xml, uninstall and install Alaska Revisted 3.0.10 again and put back the guisettings.

Will i lose my skin settings? Probably not, or!?

just reinstalled the skin after deleting the guisettings - nothing changed. will help the log file you helping me ?
will delete the source and recapture it...

anyway..tx in adv

Alaska Revisted Crashes when entering Movies00