[LIVE} Laptop w/ Broken Screen and HDMI Out

I was given a barely used laptop with a broken screen (can only make out the top left). It is a Gateway(MD7311h) with Intel GMA 4500m graphics. I tried to disable the laptop screen (right now I can only get 800x600 with hdmi) and enable HDMI as the primary output in xorg using this guide:

But when I go into xorg.conf.new I have absolutely nothing located in it. I tried adding what was in the guide but it didn't work. I have little experience with linux and none with xorg sooo....

My question is am I missing the driver for graphics or what?

What all do I need to do to get audio and video through HDMI with the laptop closed to work?

If I need to install drivers how would I do that?

Thanks in Advance,

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[LIVE} Laptop w/ Broken Screen and HDMI Out00