XBMC not playing video - can hear sound in the background
Hi guys,

I've just installed a fresh copy of Ubuntu 11.10 and XBMC Pre-Eden and I've got an issue where I select a video to play and xbmc displays "buffering" then I can see the timeline at the top of the screen and can hear the audio but there's no actual video. The information screen about the movie is displayed and that's it. I was able to get video displaying at one point but then I restarted and didn't change any settings within xbmc and now I can't play any video.

Does anyone have any ideas or has anyone had a similar problem?
Weird... very weird. I think I found the problem.

I removed xbmc from autostarting. I had xbmc autostarting after login but instead of xbmc opening in a full screen it would open in a window and I think this has something to do with the video not playing. Even if I closed xbmc and re-opened it (starts in full screen mode) it still wouldn't work.

Very odd!
Just replicated the issue but autostarting xbmc and the same thing happened. Video wouldn't play but I could hear the audio in the background.

After logging in, xbmc would start in windowed mode, when I clicked on the window xbmc would expand to fullscreen mode but wouldn't play video. Even after closing xbmc and re-opening (xbmc starts in fullscreen mode when relaunching) video still wouldn't play.

The only way to get video to work again was to remove from the auto start function in Ubuntu (click on the power button on the top right corner of the screen then "startup Applications" & remove xbmc form the list).

xbmc was also very unstable when it autostarted in a window mode and would crash frequently.
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