Airplay / airtunes available in last repo?
I just updateted to the last eden pre build repo, for XBMC live.

Now i can see on my computer that an airtunes source is found: XBMC (XBMCLive)@XBMCLive

I can connect to this, and know see that the visualisation on my XBMC HTPC is recieving the music, and it's marked "streaming".

But there is no sound Sad The same goes for no sound in trailers anymore (I guess it's after last update).

I'm using passthorugh through my reciever, and DD + DTS 5.1 works just fine... So it's seems like all 2ch signals is gone :/ and not passed through to my reciever. Even navigation sound in XBMC is gone, even dough they are activated.

What to do?

EDIT: It seems like some movies with DTS doesn't have sound either, and some does. Something must have happened with the soundcard drivers for the optical port on last update -so that some signals doesn't get passed through. I'm using: iec958 (ALSA). But this "ALSA", was not there before the last update.. So maybe this has something to do with the errors..

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Airplay / airtunes available in last repo?00