[LIVE] Boot very very slow
I just installed xbmc live, but xbmc boot is very very slow. 2 minutes for see the menù. It's too. Exists any trick to speed it up?

PS: I tried openelec and it is very fast, but it caused me other issue
No one has this problem?
Not a whole lot of information, how it is installed, on what, version etc.

You will find you may get more help if you are more helpful
My pc is asus eee box 1501p and I installed the version 10.1.
For installation I followed the normal procedure "Install xbmc live", setting as drive, an USB Drive 8GB

Quote:an USB Drive 8GB

There is a bug in GRUB2 that makes this happen. When I researched it no upgrade was available. Could have chnaged.

Removing the other HD probably fix the problem. Installing to the primary HD will for sure fix it.
Downloading to Legacy grub will for sure fix the problem, but will brake xbmc autostart and you will have to sort that out.

A last option that I have not tried is to boot against the other HD and add xbmc to the boot loader on it.
I'm currently running a Ubuntu + xbmc setup on a 16gb usb stick and it's terribly slow. For example: importing TV channels on the usb stick takes like 3 minutes. On a windows pc + xbmc it takes 3 seconds.
I'm going to try a different usb stick later and see if it is any faster.
Installing on the primary hdd I don't like that starts the grub that makes me choose between Ubuntu (I also installed Ubuntu 11.10) and xbmc because I not always having the keyboard connected, being a mediacenter. Even if I set the autostart, is boring
then run xbmc on ubuntu Wink
Hi All,

Completely new to this so please go easy on me!

I've just installed XBMC Live 10.1 on an 8GB USB flash drive to boot up on my new Shuttle XS35GTV2.

On start up i am presented with the GNU GRUB version 1.98 screen that makes me choose what OS to load (Generic, generic (recovery mode) or Windows Recovery). I want to auto load the Generic option for XBMC - how do i do that?

I'm also having problems with a slow load, any advice for how to deal with this? I was trying to avoid using a HDD in the Shuttle as all my content is on a NAS, so a small built in hard drive seems a bit pointless.

Quote:so a small built in hard drive seems a bit pointless.

Then try removing the HD and re-install.

Quote:r example: importing TV channels
This is not the same. Create your another thread. You cannot fix generally slow and slow booting in the same thread....
There is a grub 1.99 available now.
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