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Now playing fanart

Is there any way to stop the fan art from changing every 10 secs when in "now playin" Huh?
Not really no. Extrafanart is automatically loaded on Home screen now playing.
But the correct artwork displays for a second the it begins to randomly change??
The way it works is that regular fanart is loaded and on top of that it loads a multiimage with images from the artist folder in the path you set in the viewtype options for your music library.
So does that mean that there's no way for me to have the fanart displayed in the background for the artist I'm listening to in now playing ??
Wait a minute i figured you were talking about home screen now playing. In music viz you can change to whatever you like. Just press m --> misc. options and disable/enable what you like.
Seems that you don't really need extrafanart, so why not get rid of all the folders labeled 'extrafanart', and this way you will have ONLY the fanart displayed (home or music vis)

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