Custom playlist views different to Library
Great looking skin, and just started to use it, I have used XBMC for a few years now and been using Aeon and Night skins so I was always going to like Neon, but there are a few things I need help with...

This is my first post, I have search the forum for solutions but can't find any.

Is there a way to have movie sets in custom playlists? How I have it set up is that I don't have Movie library on home but created custom playlists i.e Movies, Kids Movies and Christmas Movies. In Movie library mode, movie sets are working, but once in custom playlist they dont, making it longer going through all my movies and I think it don't look as good, I know they do in Night skin can this be done?

Secondly, can recently added on home screen for custom playlists? which work on library modes, like I said I use Custom playlists for Movies and TV shows and think this would be a great feature.

Last, can ignore 'the' work in custom playlists like they do in Movie library, again it can be done in Night skin.

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Custom playlist views different to Library00