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XBMC 11.0 Eden: Beta available now
A nice Santa treat..
Ned Scott Wrote:That's a codec issue. Sites like that insist on using Divx for their 720 movies, which the ATV2 chokes on because it can only hardware decode the h.264 codec. Divx is all CPU decoded, and the ARM processor on the A4 SoC just doesn't have the umph for 720 (for SD resolutions it should do fine). There might be some improvements to CPU decoding of Dvix with future FFmpeg updates planned for after Eden, as we have seen some 720 xvid videos work nicely on FireCore's player on the ATV2. That's a far ways off, and no guarantee that it will work.

If Apple ever makes an ATV with an A5 SoC, which is dual code, that will likely handle the 720 Divx videos. We've seen this happen with XBMC running on iPad2s. When the iPhone 4S gets jailbroken, it too will likely have that ability.
Point taken. With that said, the stutter has definitely improved over the last version. Fantastic job once again and god bless team XBMC!
if i update will i lose all my addone..i am new to XBMC and loving it
Running a lot faster regarding add-ons on ATV 2...tnx XBMC Team!
It looks as if in the new beta, movies stutter for a second after skipping ahead/back. Is this the same with you guys?
Thanks to the devs and merry Christmas!
Ned Scott Wrote:It got bumped back to sometime "after Eden". That could mean Frodo (v12) due out next year, or it could (huge maybe here. Probably won't happen) be a mid year bump. The Devs have expressed a desire to do more frequent releases, and AudioEngine isn't that far off from being done, but there's a ton of factors to these things (most deal with that pesky real life/day job kinda stuff).

At worst, you'll have to install a Frodo nightly build to get AudioEngine (which includes the "HD" audio support) if you want it before next summer (another maybe. You never know what might happen).

Thanks for answer
atlkidz Wrote:if i update will i lose all my addone..i am new to XBMC and loving it

yes, i lost my sharethe.tv add on...and its not even in the add on program.
i got the info from shrethe TV support that they will add it to the repo soon...

i had XBMC crashing issue with latest nightly, so i uninstalled and installed it..
i love the way it boot in my ATV2.

anyone know how to stop .vob buffering?
System77 Wrote:Is there a way to get the menus vertically down the left side again? I dislike the way the menu's go horizontally across my screen now. Even at 1900 res I have to scroll them to see all the menus.

meh.. driving me crazy. have to click a random menu just to get them to scroll so I can get to System, dont need weather that much, rolling back to old vertical style!

Yes, check the skins in the addon repository, there is a confluence vertical IIRC that gives you the "old" look?
Installed 11.0 over 10.0 when run, I get the eden screen then a blank window with their version of a cursor, nothing else. hmm....Sad
yasan Wrote:is this version have hd audio support ?

Just for my own information, when we talk about hd audio, what does it mean exactly? Does this have anything to do with 5.1, 7.1 and so on or it is related to 96 kHz and 192 kHz and so on? I'm just trying to figure what is the impact of not having hd audio on this beta.

I just read about DTS-HD, Dolby Digital Plus and Dolby TrueHD. I guess it may be what it is all about, right?

Thank you and merry christmas to all of you.

sweet. I am just about to redo my htpc rig when I get home from visiting my parents for the holidays. Will give this a try on my laptop now though.

Which version is for appletv1? Will can I download the final release from the appletv menu? When it come available?
Can you downgrade if not happy with eden?
Firstly I must say Eden is looking really good, testing it on my Laptop before it goes onto the HTPC. So far I like it a lot Big Grin so hats off to the hard work done by the guys making it.

Just got a couple of queries thou.

Movie Information, this seems to of gone (or I'm doing something stupid) pressing i does not work and setting the option to choose when you select a video gives you the "Show Information" option. But when you select it it plays the video.

Other query, is there likely to be a 64 bit release of XBMC, got 8 gig of RAM in the HTPC going to waste Rolleyes
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