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XBMC 11.0 Eden TROJAN!?
Hi guys,

I'm new here so sorry if I made thread in the wrong section.
Admins, you can move it if you like.

I've been using XBMC for more than 1 year now, and everything was OK.
Today I've downloaded Eden 11.0 (beta 1) and when I installed it it freezed for a bit.
To cut the long story short,

- BitDefender Internet Security 2012 found something inside XBMC, that looks like a TROJAN? Huh

-Here is a snapshot of BitDefender with the result of scan:


Could someone please explain what this is about and help me?

Any help is very welcome.
I wish everyone Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Big Grin

I think it is a false positive, 3/43 or 7%
don't why is classified as a virus looks like its on the level

still needs sorting out though this kind of thing never looks good Sad
marlboroman1 Wrote:still needs sorting out though this kind of thing never looks good Sad

That would be BitDefenders job if its a false positive which it obviously is or just add it to be ignored
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I've done a full system scan and it's 100% clear.

Guys, thx for the quick response... Big Grin

I will make a rule in bitdefender for this .dll
let's hope that nothing will happen to my collection, it took me quite a while to put it together.

Cheers mates...
They're on to us! ABORT ABORT!
Ned Scott Wrote:They're on to us! ABORT ABORT!

There goes your plan of world domination through the use of trojan Eden Laugh
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Avira Antivir also detects

Quote:Virus or unwanted program 'TR/Spy.698357 [trojan]'
detected in file 'C:\Program Files (x86)\XBMC\system\players\paplayer\timidity.dll.

in the eden installer...
Norton 360 reports same virus issue. Anoyingly deletes download bfore I even have chance to open it.
timidity is just for playing midis so removing it may not harm. However nothing changed to the source so I guess the mingw compilation shares a string with a trojan. If anyone wants to check: Here is the source which we use for timidity.dll
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Avira AntiVirus also detected a trojan. I sent them the timidity.dll for review and they naturally confirmed it's a false positive. Updated signatures are available in VDF
Win7 Pro x64 + Eden + Aeon Nox 3.5.0
If your AV is reporting it as a virus/trojan let your AV provider know. Otherwise if they don't know, they won't fix it.
This dll was passed OK on Comodo
rodmar8 Wrote:This dll was passed OK on Comodo

Funnily enough, Comodo raised it as HIGH for me Laugh I've raised it with Comodo as a false alert....

XBMC 11.0 Eden TROJAN!?00