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XBMC on Kindle Fire...sort of
Hey all, I know there has been interest in XBMC on kindle fire.
well, i just got mine and found an app called Splashtop Remote Desktop.

For a buck it allows your kindle fire to be a remote access point for your computer. So if you have XBMC on your computer you can just run it through the remote desktop app on the fire and watch your movies. Navigation takes a little getting used to, but it works like a charm for watching your movies in your home
I suspect watching videos would not look too good... I have a gig wired connection with serious PCs on both ends... out of curiosity I tested using Windows Remote Desktop and UltraVNC - and they both looked crappy.

Maybe using really low-res videos would look OK (I don't have any of those to test) but I doubt it as apps like this are not made to do video - companies have been working on that for many years and only Citrix has done a good job, and only very recently.
I'm not an expert but I play one at work.
Playback is actually pretty great
Looks good, does not hiccup only issue is one ive found with all video playback on the fire
With every video source including netflix there seems to be minimal lag between video and audio. This happens only sometimes
otherwise I love the desktop remote program
I even used it to post this reply
Also, I think the reason I think it looks good on the because of the smaller screen size

XBMC on Kindle Fire...sort of11