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Increasing cache size in XBMC Eden
I'm streaming videos over the internet using Hamachi + SMB shares and it's pretty successful except when I try to stream a 1080p video (due to the limited upload speed on the server)

Using the OSD diagnostics, I can tell that XBMC Eden tries to store about 25 MB max in cache and 1080p streaming often exhausts that cache faster than the server can supply it during scenes with high activity.

How do I manually increase the cache so that XBMC does not stop at 25 MB?
think you are looking for

<cachemembuffersize>5242880</cachemembuffersize> <!-- number of bytes used for buffering streams ahead in memory
XBMC will not buffer ahead more than this. WARNING: for the bytes set here, XBMC will consume 3x the amount of RAM -->
I tried that but it did not seem to work and I had a similar experience as this guy:
I would just like to add that I have the exact same problem. You can also find a discussion around the topic in this thread:

I have made a temporarly fix, I open files with 1080p in the name in external player VLC. In VLC you may set the video buffer as you like. This solution ruind the total "media center" feeling though, remotes and such do not work..
5MB , nothing could change it.
i have this problem too, i hope dev people will fix it.
i use OpenELEC 3.0.3 , and suffer lag if i streaming 1080p content from my file server.

Increasing cache size in XBMC Eden00