Event Server and Mouse

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Tolriq Offline
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As i was playing with event server to emulate a mouse, i can't get anything working ok.

In dharma the mouse moves ok but then jump back to it's old position.
In Eden (Beta1) the mouse does not even moves.

Is is totally broken ?

PS: All others things like buttons / notifications & co works ok on both release.
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nerdx7 Offline
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Sorry to dig up an older thread, but I've been experiencing the same issue with Eden release candidates thus far. (First time poster, long time lurker)

I've tested both RC1 and RC2 (OSX + Win32 binary packages) and neither seem to react to mouse packets. The event sever doesn't seem to reject them, but the mouse does not move. Or register any kind of change, for that matter. However, I've tested the exact same code against 10.1 and the mouse does respond (IE... event server works).

I've tried other functions of the event server, such as notifications, which seem to work on Eden RC1, RC2, as well as my older 10.1

My java client is based off the eventclient code found in the official remote: https://github.com/freezy/android-xbmcre...ventclient

I've enabled debug logging, and reviewed the source (as best I can tell...). It doesn't seem that there is any eventserver record logged to xbmc.log unless the packet is malformed (wrong payload, ect...)

Is there anything else I can try to capture more information? Any other logs? On the flip side, has anyone else seen problems with eventserver mouse packets on Eden?
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