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Active Wake on Lan
Hello, first I Love the XBMC software... i have using this for over a year now. much better then D-links BOXEE software..

But I do have a feature request for a upcomming feature, I´m using a PC as a mediacenter, with a low power CPU (Asus E35M-M pro).
The request is could it be possible then a "lan" server address is attached in MOVIE fan, then I "click" on the link, it also will send a "WOL" request for the specific server address, because all my movies is located on a NAS unit with 5 hard drives, and this server isn´t power-on all the time actualy only then im watching video or movie from stored location, and this is done to save power (to be Green). because if a WOL request is send then "Click" on the location link for my movies, it will wake the NAS, and short after i can see the movie, or listen to the music or what ever. If the WOL could be made as a option , what would be a useble feature..

Also before I used XBMC, i came from Windows media center.. and also I do have a TV-tuner installed, and that is also a missing feature.
IIRC there already exists a feature request for WOL support (I think I opened it once). As for the missing TV feature - check out the PVR branch of XBMC, there you already have working TV support. It's still in development, that's why it's not part of XBMC Eden.

Active Wake on Lan00