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Android - Yatse: Full featured Kodi Remote (Widgets, Streaming, Offline media, ...)
Some new strings for 2.3 Smile

Quote: <item>Volume Slider</item>

<string-array name="actionbar_movie">
<item>Movie Sets</item>

<string name="str_addhost">Add Host…</string>
<string name="preferences_yatse_usebanners_title">Use Banners</string>
<string name="preferences_yatse_usebanners_summary">Display Banners in Tv Shows listing.</string>
<string name="str_volume">Volume</string>

On the menu : Banner support, new configurable button Volume Slider, Support for Movie Genres and Movie Sets, Support for CD Numbers (ordering tracks).
[quote='Tolriq' pid='1160971' dateline='1343936247']
Some new strings for 2.3 Smile

<item>Lydstyrke Skyder</item>

<string-array name="actionbar_movie">
<item>Film Samlinger</item>

<string name="str_addhost">Tilføj Vært…</string>
<string name="preferences_yatse_usebanners_title">Brug Banner</string>
<string name="preferences_yatse_usebanners_summary">Vis Bannere i Tv-Serier liste.</string>
<string name="str_volume">Lydstyrke</string>
Danish part...

Look good Cool
PC 2500K/Asrock Z68 E3G3/16GB/128GB Agility3/7950/620W Corsair
HTPC1 Asrock E350M1 USB3/64GB SSD/4GB - XBMC master + PVR
NAS/HTPC i3-2100T / Asrock B75M / 4x2TB FlexRAID / 128GB Agility3 / Technisat CableStar
I need to quite reading your translation requests, I am spoiling the surprise of the next release for myself :p
(2012-08-01, 13:10)Tolriq Wrote: For the moment banners are not supported in Yatse (Will arrive soon , surely in next version no ETA).

If you want to have posters, you need to change the images in Xbmc so that Xbmc send me the correct ones.
I don't really use them so I don't know if you can set posters as default images for Shows and still see banners inside Xbmc (Perhaps possible with custom skins).

Actually, I'm not looking for banner support. On the contrary, I'd like to get rid of them. :-)

What I'm hoping to achieve is this screenshot. It looks amazing.
Well so you need to change your media on Xbmc Side Smile

I personally use Ember Media manager to choose images for tv shows, I don't know how to configure internal scrapers to change to posters but it must be possible, check scraper settings or check / ask on general forum.

But for have a good looking database I really think external tools like Ember or other really simplify things and give full control.
I'll try out Ember, see what it's like. :-)
Hi there,

German Version

<string-array name="actionbar_movie">
<item>Film Sets</item>

<string name="str_addhost">Host hinzufügen…</string>
<string name="preferences_yatse_usebanners_title">Benutze Banner</string>
<string name="preferences_yatse_usebanners_summary">Verwende Banner in TV Serien Anzeige.</string>
<string name="str_volume">Lautstärke</string>

Perfect Smile

I just need to finish testing and release, if you or cyckle have some times for testing today just drop me a pm Smile
Ok so 2.3.0 is uploaded Smile
  • Added : Auto Dim Screen with screen always on option
  • Added : Tv Show Banner support
  • Added : New configurable button Set Volume (Slider popup)
  • Added : Genre browsing for movies
  • Added : Support Cd Number
  • Added : Support for Movie Sets
  • Added : Support Watched Show / Season
  • Corrected : All crashes on Jelly Beans
For anybody having issues with mixed banners and posters in the media browser, refreshing the default thumbnail via the 'info' screen and selecting a new poster or banner, then refreshing yatse will reload the thumbs with the new image.

Thanks for the new release!
Hey Tolriq,I take back what I said earlier about supporting the official app.

You are doing an awesome job. Keep up the good work.

I actually came on here to suggest movie sets and tv show banner view as new features, but saw that you already added them. It's like you already read my mind.

The only question I have is regarding the configurable button. Which one is it? I tried to set it to wake-on-lan but I can't figure out where it is and how it works. In the wiki, it shows the wake-on-lan button appearing at the top of the remote screen, but I don't have it on mine (HP Touchpad with CM9) and I set the mac address for the server. Also the remote doesn't seem to notify me whether the server is running or not.

The configurable button is only on the widget. On the remote you juste have to long press the name of your media center and it will wol & xbmc starter.

To know if connected or not just look at the top left icon Smile black = not connected, orange you'll guess Wink
Hi tolriq, got my new phone a google galaxy nexus

Can you tell me why I can't resize your widgets, as it is a functionnality of ICS?

best regards
only 4x3 can be resized
well I'm trying but it won't
any tips todo that?
I'm trying to make it be 4x2
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