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Android - Yatse: Full featured Kodi Remote (Widgets, Streaming, Offline media, ...)
@solidsatras : adding imdb for movies is on the todo, but not as advanced as Xbmc companion for artists (well not before way long).

@Ferdi-T :
1) Good idea
2) No because long press also permit queuing and long press to action menu is a more standard android way of acting. Tip : you can swipe the album to the left to play it directly (and right to queue) Smile animations and official communication on this will come when better handled Smile
3) You can already filter albums by years.
4) on todo already.
5) why not but new widgets are far away in todo :p
6) automatic sync are on todo, but I need to find a good way to do this, because startup is no real startup due to widgets, and sync all times on home makes no sense.

If I forgot to answer some question please reask Smile

And for users having sync problems are you using Raspberry Pi ?
Thanks for the reply and for the tips with swiping. I didn't know it could already filter by year, but I'll check it out at home.

Quote:automatic sync are on todo, but I need to find a good way to do this, because startup is no real startup due to widgets, and sync all times on home makes no sense.

Welll, perhaps an 'sync-all-and-fetch-all'-button on the homescreen would be easier to do? It won't be automatic, but it'd still be a timesaver. Or a timed syncer, which periodically syncs-and-checks except for during playback?

Oh, and I experienced sync-issues too after the latest update (music library didn't sync) and the before mentioned problem of thumbs loading slow. I managed to solve both by clearing cache and re-installing. If anyone experiences the same, this might help.

Well it's not really a filter by year, but you can sort by year then with fastscroll and indexes it's really fast to get where you want Smile
Couple small suggestions Tolriq.. Perhaps an option to ignore "The" when sorting media? Also, an estimated end time of media that is playing would be awesome to have, but may not fit in so well on the now playing section.. perhaps an idea for the expanded notifications when you get around to them?
There's already a FR for ignore articles during sort but it's not so simple.

For end times well will see what I can do we I rework the now playing part.

Starting to work on playlists / file browsing but since I don't really use them personally do you have some specials needs related to those ?
Thanks Tolriq, I actually had the same thought myself as far as the language issue goes.. I also didnt realize you had a page for requests and bugs!
I'm switching to Gengo String for translations.

If you want to help just give me a mail in pm or register and request access to

I wanted to confirm media syncing isnt working on the latest (aug 9) nightly.. But this build seems to be packed full of small bugs anyway... Won't even play my music for more than 9 seconds D: I don't know why I choose to do this to myself lol

I'm finishing Playlist / Files (Sources) handling then start looking at those last Json changes Smile

Should be supported in 2.4.0.
First of all, thank you for all of your effort and dedication, Tolriq...this app stands out in the android community right now to me and it's thanks to your palpable passion. I've been loving all of the changes you've been making as your app evolves (from when it wasn't even really functional for me and made my xbmc randomly switch tracks and freak out lol to the current state of opera-like "ohhs and ahhs" I receive when showing off the app to friends and coworkers! Big Grin).

I would like to suggest a feature that I would be a sort of refinement or polish feature for perhaps yatse 3.0 or 4.0 hehe and don't know if you have real control over this in particular, but being a Galaxy Nexus and Jelly Bean user, the voice input features are pretty useful once you get the hang of it at least, however, since I'm always blaring something via xbmc, the time saved using the voice commands is reduced when I must first manually turn the volume down/stop playback, rendering the use almost futile. I love that when I'm using, for instance, the official spotify app and I activate the voice input toggle, playback is temporarily paused until I stop talking. If there's any way you could enable yatse to have the option to pause/mute playback when voice input is enabled, you'd make your app even more useful than it already is and me one happy camper. If you made it this far, thanks for reading! :]
Thanks for loving Yatse Smile

But from my quick research there's no way to get notified when another app start the voice input Sad So i can't react and do something on Xbmc.
Important question to Frodo users Smile

At what rate do you update your installation ?

How many have already switch to post 8th august builds ?
Version 2.4 uploaded :
  • Added : Support for Music Videos
  • Added : Support for Audio and Video Playlists
  • Added : Support for direct Files access
  • Added : Support for Pictures
  • Added : Imdb button when needed
  • Corrected : Bug corrections and optimizations

Previous question still applies Smile
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