XBMC Eden [AppleTV 1] Overscan Bug
Since trying Eden on my Generation 1 AppleTV units, I have found that playing a music file with a visualizer seems to screw up the overscan settings until a reboot. The overlay menu is now on the bottom (where I had to adjust overscan to fit my plasma screen) and it gets cut off by about 10 lines on the bottom and this shows up when playing a music file. When I exit out of music, the entire overscan screen settings appear to be off (all shifted downward) and you cannot move them back up without exiting and restarting.

It does NOT do this in Dharma at all (and the overlay menu is at the top in music so even if it did it just for that one menu, I wouldn't notice since the problem is at the bottom of the screen in general). I did notice in Dharma that viewing photos seems to ignore the overscan setting (in that the very bottom of the picture will not show). Pictures seem to use overscan just fine in Eden, however. It's just the music pane that appears to screw it all up somehow.

I have since moved back to Dharma for now since it's very unpleasant for it to screw up the entire display if I just play a song. I did notice that large pictures load MUCH faster in Eden so it is a bit of a loss (along with weather).
Hey, I noticed the same thing in Linux in Eden Beta 1, I'm able to reset it with going to window mode and back to fullscreen. Also, I found that only projectM visualization causes that in my case. Did you find a bug or filed one?

edit: found it http://trac.xbmc.org/ticket/12055
Yeah, that's probably it, then since I have ProjectM on. I'm surprised there aren't more visualizers out there, though. I know ProjectM does a lot of things, though, but it's still all a similar style.
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