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Music library - Art is not updated correctly
Hello all,

I have something weird going on with XBMC

I'm currently using the XBMC EDEN beta edition on WIN7 with AEON MQ3 version 1.13 as skin.

I have all my content stored on a HD. All my music files, fanart, cd covers, nfo files ... Everything is in the correct folders.

Now when importing everything seems correct, however I have noticed that sometimes a different version of a CD cover is loaded instead of the one stored on my local drive. I find this very weird, as I'm not connected to the internet when importing (I do this on purpose). Some covers are of bad quality, while the ones stored on my hd are in nice high quality. And the really weird thing is, when I go to the info screen of the CD and reload the art, clicking 'local art' I get the nice HQ version from my HD.

I have tried everything. Like I said, importing while not connected, so nothing can be loaded from the net. I completely removed all the thumbs from my cache in the music folder, then did a re-import ... nothing.

Again, most of my DB is perfect and correct. But for some reason I have this issue for some CDs. I don't know where in godsname XBMC gets this low quality art. It is not in the cache, not from the net, and not stored locally.

Anybody ever experienced this??

Thanks for your time.

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Music library - Art is not updated correctly00