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For beginners: How to add Thumbnails on my Movies?
Sorry I could not find a post for beginners about adding thumbnails and metdata. It just does not work on my mac, also tried it on my apple tv2. my movies (just about 15 as I am new in movie downloading...) are stored on my WDTV Live Hub. But I like the interface of xbmc and managed it to get it on my appletv. So I would love to go for xbmc.

adding met data:
xbmc searches always for the word "video". as this is with every movie the same I then just click on "manual". When I do this it would show me then the names of the movies and also similar ones. Fine, that's perfect but when I click on the wanted movie name to add the metdata it will say "no content found".

I did this with almost all my 15 movies. I can't get any thumbnails? I can't be so difficult right?

I would appreciate your help! Thanks.
I'm a little confused as to what you are trying to do exactly, but I will offer my help. Are you trying to scrape movies that are in your library or are you trying to add your own .nfo files (which contains the metadata) and images and having xbmc update those?

If you are having problems scraping your library I would try using Ember Media Manager Revisted. Works great for me. I would also suggest having each movie in a seperate folder, and when you are done scraping them, use the bulk renamer option to get all your files organized.
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For beginners: How to add Thumbnails on my Movies?00