[atv2] A peek into future possibilities.

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stourwalk Offline
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Memphiz Wrote:We should prepare "mv XBMC.frappliance XBMC.app" then as it looks Big Grin

Might be a daft question, but how would you then launch XBMC without having to ssh into the ATV?

Can a normal .frappliance itself launch an app of this nature and if it did would this actually bring any benefits (as surely FrontRow is still running - just not in 'control') e.g are the low memory issues because we are running 'in' Frontrow.

Just trying to get my head around the benefits..

Apart from that - gratz to Davilla on achieving this full stop - nothing short of amazing!
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davilla Offline
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stourwalk Wrote:Might be a daft question, but how would you then launch XBMC without having to ssh into the ATV?

There are ways to do this from frontrow. Essentially it would be like how the atv1 works or it might use the iOS on ATV2 hacks that's being developed.

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newatv2user Offline
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Any news and updates? New videos? Smile
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waldo22 Offline
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So are these the droids that we were looking for?

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Memphiz Offline
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Mhh not much news here. This all is only a proof of concept and nothing more atm. Don't know if the JB devs who made this possible are even working on improving it...

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