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Confluence Recent Episodes
For some reason these aren't showing the new episode fan art, and I can't seem to click them either (they wont play) but when I go to the actual files (Videos->TV Episodes->select episode) they play fine.

Any ideas?
I noticed that it works fine for Movies.

I also noticed that one of the recent episodes doesn't work when I click on it.

OH and just to be clear all of these things have fan art in the "files" view and they all work.

Sorry just frustrated by this.

I have noticed one more thing (so far). This effects episodes till a reboot, then it loads in the fan art.
A debug log might be useful. You're talking about the recently added episodes on the home screen, right?
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Yes recent episodes.

When would be a good time to capture that log? Like right after a new one shows up?
Here we go:

I finally got a reboot where it is missing a recent episode fan art.

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