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tabs across the top of screen work...
(example 1)
If I chose music, music library, (select an artist) the songs appear.
There are three tabs across the top of the screen..
they are not active tabs however so to get back to music-libray involves
clicking to the root of the artist songls as selected,
" .. "
then repeating the " .. " click, then
scrolling to the top of the list of artists, then (!),
finally we are back at the *root* version of 'music - library'

(example 2)
clicking on the 'home' tab, then
This however brings you right back to the recently selected artist, album and selection of songs.
This is useful, but I would like to just get to the *root* of the music-library.

The tabs across the top of the screen I feel should be as they show, you click on "a/n other" tab and it brings you to the *root* version of whatever that option is, allowing the 'home' version to shortcut you back to where you were before via the main screen bar (example 2)

PS, I only use 'confluence' skin!
also... As the weather tab is visible at the top of the screen via the main selection bar, have it available (via option) in every view (eg, videos).. and instead of having to go 'home' and then chosing 'weather', the weather tab is also selectable and brings you to the root of the weather applet.
The clock is always there, I think allowing other tabs to be permenant is a nice touch. *and* if the tabs were selectble a right click (always show, show in 'video', 'music' , 'programs', as selectables etc. - maybe drop downs?)

tabs across the top of screen work...00