other artwork contained in the same folder as the *music*.
is it possible to request that the option to cycle through all extra artwork (jpg, bmp, etc) contained within the same folder as a group of tracks becomes the screensaver?

I scan the complete cd case (some have nice stickers, embossed art, are unusual shapes etc.) and also the folder, tray, cd, and sometimes the booklets, OBI strips etc. To have the choice of these becoming the background screensaver when a track is playing would be a nice touch... the choice of how many seconds between changing is also a request... I don't (personally) think I would like the artwork moving around the screen, but a fade or transition would be a great final flourish! I use other jukebox software and this is a standard feature, so having played with XBMC I spotted it was missing.

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I second this.
Pretty please?
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other artwork contained in the same folder as the *music*.00