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First, Neon is the best skin for me, I love it, and I have no interest in moving onto other skins. Thanks Stoli.

My favorite view type is Posters for various reasons, but I find myself using the 'slim list' view for Movies ONLY because it's the best to showoff fanart. I'm a sucker for fanart and I go out of my way to use the 'extrafanart' features and I am happy rest on a movie to see it cycle through all of the art.

Problem is with Poster view.. something usually gets in the way or the background art becomes too dim. Is there any way a different sub-view style could be added that allows the fanart to shine like in slim list?

Example, one of the posters views has the 3D box move to the left side of the screen and all other 3D boxes from other titles disappear and the movie summary is shown in the rest of the screen... but the background is dimmed quite a bit.

Other styles have the 3D boxes taking half the screen's height blocking most of the background art. Yet a 3rd has the idle active box growing in size setting itself apart from the other (unchosen) boxes.

Each method, though very cool in and of itself, hinders the background art quite a bit. Is there any creative way that we can have a posters view that lets the fanart shine?

Love it either way,

Thanks Stoli.
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