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wrong audio stream selected - tvheadend backend
Hey guys,

I been seeing a problem in xbmc for a while with multiple audio streams on different channels and wondered if this is a tvheadend problem/backend specific or something in xbmc.
the problem is when a channel has two or more audio streams, one usually being for the hard of sight. Depending on the program the normal audio can occur on either stream so depending on which one was last selected for a particular channel can result in either no audio or audio with the voice-over being selected.

I haven't seen the same problem connecting to the same backend from my android tablet using tvhguide which make me wonder did the bug is in xbmc? Does tvheadend signal which is the "primary" audio stream (eg. Which one would be chosen if I had a normal TV hooked up to my aerial)?

I have similar problems from time to time, though for me the primary audio track is not even there, only the one for the visually impaired (making the channel practically unwatchable). Switching channels back and forth a few times usually makes the audio stream magically reappear, though that is certainly not a good workaround.
You can change the prefered audio language in xbmc under settings > appearance > international.
This affects the audio stream which is choosen by xbmc.
I also have this problem sometimes. It only occurs when doing a channelswitch, not when starting a channel for the first time.

Since i have manually set some channels to be de-interlaced, this setting also "remembers" the autiotrack in the form of "1", "2" and so on.

And sometimes the order of the audiostreams are not the same as when the setting was stored, resulting in xbmc playing the wrong audiostream.
One have to stop the channel and start it again.

wrong audio stream selected - tvheadend backend00